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Glasbord Premium Wall Panels

Since 1954 GLASBORD protected by Surfaseal has been the industry standard for frp wall and ceiling panels. Surfaseal provides extra protection against mold, mildew and stains. Durable, cleanable, easy to install GLASBORD is the panel your project demands backed by the service you deserve.


*1201 Black does not have a Surfaseal finish and is only available with a Class C Fire Rating.

(Actual sample color and pattern may vary on screen or print out. Obtain a sample to ensure a proper color match by requesting more information »)


Surfaseal is a protective fnish that makes GLASBORD easier to clean and up 6 times more stain resistant than other FRP panels. This unique fnish ensures GLASBORD wall and ceiling panels will stand up to harsh conditions while maintaining a clean and sanitary surface.

Click here to view the Surfaseal Test vs. Standard FRP

FM Approved

Fire-X GLASBORD FM is the only fiberglass reinforced interior wall panel that is accepted under Factory Mutual Research Approved FRP, Class 1 Interior Finish Material in accordance with Factory Mutual Research Approval Standard 4880.

Frontside Identification

Only GLASBORD panels can be identifed before installation by colored threads on the back. After installation, GLASBORD can be identifed by a Translucent Plastic Thread with Fluorescent Pigment Design® embedded in the front of the panel and visible by black fuorescent lighting.

Product Specs

Available Sizes

 4' x 8' | 4' x 10' | 4' x 12'


Thickness Fire-Rating
0.09'' Class A & Class C
0.075'' (Smooth) per ASTM E-84



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